Tim Burkhalter
Retiring Sheriff, Floyd County Sheriff's Office
Lindale, Ga.

I am writing to express my strong support and endorsement of Dave Roberson to be the next Sheriff of Floyd County. I have spent 35 years at the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, the last 16 gratefully serving as your Sheriff. Thank you for believing in and electing me for four terms. I know the job, I know the challenges, and I know all three candidates. I can say without a doubt that Dave Roberson is the right person to lead the agency into the future.


Dave Roberson has been a stalwart at the Sheriff’s Office for 25 years – starting as a Jail Officer and working his way through the department in every capacity and rank, just as this Sheriff did 35 years ago. His leadership experience in each division is invaluable and will serve him well. But perhaps even more valuable, Dave has the genuine support of the public safety community, and the majority of our employees fiercely back him.


Dave has the TEMPERAMENT to be a good Sheriff, the patience and tolerance to deal with our employees respectfully, tactfully, fairly, and with regard for them personally. I learned long ago that if you show your employees respect and sincere genuine concern for them, they will follow you anywhere. Dave has always genuinely cared for these employees, NOT just at campaign time.


Dave has a GENUINE concern for the Floyd County community and a history of supporting our longstanding commitment to proactive community programs – programs like drug education for our kids, reentry programs, programs for our seniors, and many more. Dave didn’t do this because he was ordered to by the Sheriff, nor because he was suddenly running for office. He has been doing this for many years because of his sincere desire to make a difference. That’s the kind of person Dave is.


Lastly, when you elected me Sheriff in 2004, many did so because of the strong following I had from the public safety community. I urge you to do the same as you study these three candidates.


Dave has the DNA of a true public servant. His father, the late Rome Police Deputy Chief Lonzo Roberson, served 40 years. Dave’s brother, Brad Roberson, is the Deputy Chief of the Rome Fire Department. Dave has dedicated his entire career to our agency, genuinely cares about moving it forward, and has a good plan to do so.


Ask a man or woman in uniform, any uniform, who they support in this election and ask them why. They know. Dave is the guy; he will serve this office well.


I came to my decision after much thought, prayer, consideration, and after spending time with all three candidates through the years. Tom Caldwell IV served 13 years as my Chief Deputy and friend, effectively executing the duties he was assigned. Ronnie Kilgo is a fine man and a longtime friend. He was Reserve Deputy of the Year and has volunteered with us for many years.


I wish Tom and Ronnie well, but I’m voting for Dave Roberson. I hope you will, too.

Elaine Snow
Retired Chief, Rome Police Department
Lindale, Ga.

I began working with the Rome Police Department in 1974 and worked with Dave’s father, Lonzo Roberson, so I have known Dave pretty much all of his life. 

I have seen Dave grow up in the law enforcement community. I have worked with him in public safety and have always been impressed with his positive attitude and willingness to be involved in the community at large. He is a humble man that avoids boasting about his accomplishments and is always respectful when earning praise or recognition.

Dave started with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office as a jail officer in 1995. He is the only candidate who has served his entire career with the agency -- 25 years of continuous service. During his tenure, he has held leadership roles in each of the agency's four divisions. He is also active in our community. Over the years, I have observed Dave’s character and know him to be honest, sincere and truthful, which are essential character traits for any leader. Dave is honorable and acts according to his principles and ethics.

I feel that Dave not only has the necessary experience to lead the Sheriff’s Office, but also has the leadership skills, integrity, and willingness to engage in the community. These are a few of the reasons I support Dave Roberson for Sheriff of Floyd County and hope you will, too.

Tommy McGuire
Chief Deputy, Floyd County Sheriff's Office
Rome, Ga.

It is my pleasure to recommend Major Dave Roberson for the office of Sheriff of Floyd County Georgia.


I am Tommy McGuire, Chief Deputy of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, a forty-two-year veteran of Floyd County law enforcement. I have known Dave for twenty-five years. I had the opportunity of working alongside his father, Lonzo Roberson, at the Rome City Police Department, for fifteen years. I was impressed with Dave when I hired him as a young deputy twenty-five years ago. Since his employment, Dave has served in every division of the Sheriff’s Office and has shown reliability and character, as well as an excellent work ethic and attitude.

When Dave hired in, he adapted to his position immediately. I moved him into the training division, recognizing his skills and potential. I have become dependent on Dave’s leadership abilities and the example he has set for our officers. Dave has prepared his whole career for leadership.

Dave is a model citizen and a great person of integrity. Dave’s demonstrated professional experiences, certificates of achievement, accolades, and involvement in various community endeavors only add to his proficiency as an accomplished leader. Dave has always been a joy to work with, and I consider Dave to be a fine man and worthy of strong consideration. Dave is well respected by his peers and has always been a leader from the front. Now is the time for Major Roberson to move into the sheriff’s position.

A recommendation letter only provides a snapshot of his talents and achievements. I would be happy to further elaborate on my time in service with Major Dave Roberson. Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Hubert "Frog" Smith
Retired Chief, Rome Police Department
Rome, Ga.

I, Hubert “Frog” Smith (Retired Rome City Police Chief), had the honor of serving our wonderful community for over forty-five years.


During my tenure, I had the pleasure of working alongside many fine men and women, one of which was Assistant Chief Lonzo Roberson. Chief Roberson was Dave’s father. I had the opportunity to watch Dave and his brother Brad grow into fine young men right before my eyes. I was always amazed at the respect and behavior they displayed.


Dave joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1995. It was apparent that his hard work and genuine care for others would assist him dearly as a public servant. Dave earned the respect of his fellow police officers. He was often called upon to give assistance. His willingness to do so paid dividends with his relationships with officers and the community.


Dave has the working knowledge of each division within the Sheriff’s Office. He also served as a supervisor within each division, as well.

Dave’s twenty five years of continuous service as a boots on the ground officer plus his focused outlook on community and his ability to be level-headed are just a few of the reasons why I believe that Dave Roberson is the best candidate for Sheriff.


Please join me and VOTE Dave Roberson for Floyd County Sheriff!

Travis Goss
Retired Deputy Chief, Rome Police Department
Silver Creek, Ga.

I worked 41.5 years in law enforcement and retired in 2015 from the Rome Police Department as Deputy Chief. I know all the current candidates that are running and know that my selection without a doubt is Dave Roberson. He has devoted his entire career to Floyd County, he has the experience working throughout the divisions of the Floyd County Sheriff's Office, he is the most diverse candidate running, and has the integrity necessary for the position.

If you want a Sheriff that will be fair and impartial, choose Dave Roberson. He is my choice and I hope he will be your choice.

David Thornton
Chaplain, Floyd County Sheriff's Office, Floyd Couty Plolice Department, Floyd County E-911, Rome/Floyd County Metro Drug Task Force, Gordon County Sheriff's Office, Georgia Emergency Management Agency Homeland Security Division, Georgia Sheriff’s Association
Armuchee, Ga.

The definition of genuine: an authentic and sincere person.

“Relationships are not only a meaningful part of life, but they’re also a foundation where big things can happen,” says Dave Roberson. Dave has always added to the belief of genuine relationships. This is why relationships are an important part of his 4Rs platform: Relationships, Recidivism, Recruitment/Retention, and Revenue.

Major Dave Roberson has 25 years of continuous service with the Floyd County Sheriff's Office. His entire professional career has focused on investment in community, safety, experience, and dedication. Dave feels called to not only his role, but also the deputies and employees with whom he works at the Sheriff’s Office.

As Chaplain of the Sheriff’s Office, one of my main concerns is the well-being of our staff and Sheriff; the physical and spiritual needs. I have always tried to live peacefully with all people and create a vision for ministry. It's a great joy to serve as the chaplain and to help where needed. Dave often partners with me in the approach to mental health programs, striving to better the lives of the deputies, staff, and inmates.

Dave Roberson is always active and caring. He is involved and always leads by example. Sheriff Tim Burkhalter has created a culture of community and is a proactive Sheriff. Dave would continue in this tradition. Dave is involved in many community missions where he serves others: Coosa Valley Fraternal Order of Police, Sexual Assault Center of NWGA Board of Directors, Harbor House Board of Directors, NextDoor at LivingProof Recovery Advisory Board, Noon Optimist Club of Rome, Exchange Club of Rome, Leadership Rome, Rome Middle School Habitudes program mentor, and Rome GA Cares. He is also actively involved with Humanitarian Relief. How do you make Floyd County strong with proven leadership and a strategic partnership? You do this with a man named Dave Roberson, who is an effective communicator and already ready for the job.

Dave Roberson is the best professional law enforcement officer fit for the job of Sheriff of Floyd County, Georgia. Dave will care for the citizens of Rome and Floyd County. He will lead with genuine care for all residents of Floyd County and beyond, and he will care for his deputies and staff at the Sheriff's Office.

My friend, who I call Dave, will be impartial in the everyday dealings and operations of the Sheriff's Office. He is Floyd County strong, a man of proven loyalty, a strategic partner, an effective cop, a communicator, ready for every single day, and an effective problem solver.

How do you make Floyd County strong? With proven leadership and a strategic partnership.

That man is Major Dave Roberson!

It is with great joy that we, David and Teresa Thornton, endorse Dave Roberson to be the next Sheriff of Floyd County.

Wendell Hicks
Cave Spring, Ga.

Laura and I would like to take the opportunity to strongly recommend Dave Roberson for the Sheriff for Floyd County. We make this recommendation based upon our personal and professional relationships with Dave and our knowledge of his honesty, devotion to his current position, fair treatment of all, and his strength of character.
I first became acquainted with Dave over twenty years ago while we both worked at the Sheriff's office and played softball together. I found Dave to be competitive, engaging, and a pleasure to be around. As I grew to know Dave, I learned of his strong work ethic, moral concern for the people of the county he served, and his professional attitude.
We believe Dave would fulfill the obligations of his position without bias, based on his extensive knowledge of the law and procedure. Dave brings out the best in his coworkers. His strong character and work ethic empowers him to relate to those going through incredible hardships, showing compassion while remaining professional. He is the symbol of both calm and sympathy.
Dave demonstrates strong character and work ethic in every aspect of his life. We consider it a privilege and an honor to be affiliated with him and to provide this recommendation for his election to the office of Sheriff of Floyd County.

Pastor Clenta Walker
Rome, Ga.

Dave Roberson has exemplified integrity, loyalty, experience and exceptional character in the community for over 25 years. He has shown strong leadership, community involvement and an impeccable track record in his career as a law enforcement officer. One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein says, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those that do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Dave is the change that our county needs because he is not afraid to do what it takes to implement his 4Rs platform, which is Relationships, Recidivism, Recruitment and Retention of Employees, and Revenue.

Dave is a Major at the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office with 25 years of continuous service. He serves as Division Commander of Field Operations, member of the Command Staff and has supervisory experience in all four divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. I could go through all of Dave’s accomplishments in his illustrious police career, but time will not permit it. We need a Sheriff who is approachable and has his ear to the ground to meet the needs of the city.

I stand by what I truly believe in and I do not just put my endorsement on anybody or anything. It is without reservation that I endorse Dave Roberson for Sheriff. 

Kathy & David Mathis
Rome, Ga.

Kathy and I would like to take this opportunity to express our support and endorsement of Dave Roberson to be the next Sheriff of Floyd County. We have seen his commitment to our community and feel that his wide range of experience and dedication to the agency will make him a Sheriff we can all be proud of. 
Dave is a lifelong public servant. He has 25 years of uninterrupted service to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office and, during his tenure, has held leadership roles in all divisions of the agency. One of Dave’s greatest strengths is his character and we have heard nothing but positive comments from the public safety community about interacting with him as a colleague or supervisor. 
In our conversations with Dave, it is clear that he recognizes the mental health issues our community faces and will be a willing and able partner to help find solutions. We also appreciate the recidivism component of his platform, working to break the cycle of incarceration and helping people become productive citizens instead of a revolving door.
Dave has the unique gift of building partnerships throughout our community and has been doing it for years. In his personal life, he has shown his commitment to our community through his service to numerous organizations like the Sexual Assault Center of NWGA and Living Proof Recovery’s Next Door program, among others. He often talks about the need for collaboration and building bridges to solve some of our community’s most difficult problems. This will be vital for the next Sheriff, and we feel like Dave is the candidate who will do that.
We are proud to endorse and vote for Dave and we hope you will join us in doing so.

Ghee Wilson
Rome, Ga.

I began my law enforcement career in 2002 with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office as a jail officer. I was promoted to deputy sheriff, and Dave Roberson was my first supervisor in the warrant division. As a new deputy, I spent a lot of time riding in a patrol car with Dave. One of the first things I recognized about Dave was that he was calm, level headed, genuine and possessed the utmost integrity. This was evident in not only the way I saw Dave interact with the community, but how the community interacted with Dave.


Dave and I became friends and even though our careers took different paths, our friendship grew. I often called on Dave to help me with investigations because of his strong ties to the community and his ability to obtain information from those who often did not want to be involved with criminal investigations. Dave and his family’s strong ties to this community have benefited the citizens of this county more times than I can count.


Dave has directly supervised every single division at the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office over the past 25 years and is the only candidate to do so. He has been a mentor and friend to countless law enforcement professionals over that 25-year span from supervising the jail, the training division, warrant division, and court services.  


When Dave and I discussed him running for sheriff, he decided to do so out of genuine concern for the deputies at the Sheriff’s Office. Dave isn’t a career politician. Dave never ran for other political offices. Dave wanted to run for sheriff out of genuine concern for the men and women of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office and their families. Dave feared what many people fear, that the wrong person steering the large ship that is the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office would be bad for not only the employees, but the citizens of this amazing county as well.


I have no dog in this fight other than wanting to see what is best for the employees. As the former president of the Coosa Valley Fraternal Order of Police, I will always fight that fight. Although I owe a great deal of my professional career to the knowledge and experience I gained while working at Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, my career has taken a different path. I have not been promised any job, and Dave knows I have no plans to leave my current position. I make this endorsement because I have many friends who work at the Sheriff’s Office and friends and family who live in this community. I make this endorsement because Dave Roberson is truly the best candidate to lead the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office forward.


My wife, daughter, and I support Dave Roberson for Floyd County Sheriff and encourage all our friends and family to do so as well. The words genuine, honest, moral, compassionate and level headed describe Dave well, and I can’t wait to see where he takes the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office in 2021.


Uncle Dave For Sheriff!!!

Patty Bing
Rome, Ga.

It has been my honor to know Dave Roberson since he was 13 and a student in my 8th grade class in middle school. I am writing to support his bid to become Floyd County’s new Sheriff. I think he is the most excellent candidate for the job.


After I retired from teaching, I started a job as a part-time bailiff in Floyd County Superior Court at which time our paths again crossed. Around 2010, Dave became the officer in charge of the Sheriff’s Office and its day-to-day activities, which included the court system. Dave was my supervisor. He had come up through the ranks and at that time was a Captain. It was a natural fit for Dave for he treated all he met with the utmost of respect, and he was a great manager. He was highly visible in his role and was always there if there was a question or problem. We worked together for several years before he left us to become supervisor of Field Services-Warrant Division and later earned the rank of Major. He is an experienced public servant, and he is well qualified to lead the Sheriff’s Office.


I hope that he will have the support of the citizens of Rome and Floyd County as the next Sheriff of Floyd County.

Kaye Green
Lindale, Ga.

As a lifelong resident of Lindale, Ga., and a retired Midway Elementary School teacher of 39 years, I commend Dave Roberson for his beliefs on education. His goal of decreasing recidivism in Floyd County through prevention education programs is spot on and is something he has been talking about throughout the entire course of his campaign. I clearly see the importance of these programs and how impactful they can be on the future of education. I truly believe that efforts like this can affect the trajectory of a young person’s life. For this reason, I will be voting Dave Roberson for Floyd County Sheriff and I hope you will as well.

Mayor Rob Ware & Betty Sue Hickman
Cave Spring, Ga.

We are writing this endorsement to share our wholehearted support for Dave Roberson for Sheriff of Floyd County. Although the list of his achievements during his 25 years of continuous service to the Sheriff’s Office are many, the things that set Dave apart are his commitment, passion, honesty and integrity.

It only takes a short conversation with Dave to understand his deep and enduring commitment to the citizens of Floyd County. Expertise and training in public safety and law enforcement are essential for the success of any Sheriff and Dave certainly has these credentials.

Dave knows that one of the key elements for fostering public safety is a trusting, collaborative bond with community and staff at the Sheriff’s Office. He works tirelessly towards this goal.

We are proud to stand with Dave as he runs for Sheriff of Floyd County and we hope you will, too.

Onieda Moreno
Sergeant, Floyd County Sheriff's Office
Rome, Ga.​

I met Dave Roberson in 1998 when I first started working at the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. Since then, I have worked alongside and been supervised by him in three different divisions.


Dave has had 25 years of service with the Sheriff’s Office and has held countless leadership roles. He has always demonstrated honesty, respectfulness, and fairness to his coworkers. I have been disrespected by another supervisor, but never by Dave. He has been the ideal supervisor, leader, and coworker. 


Dave is a hard worker that truly cares for his community. I know that he will be a great Sheriff because of his experience and the way he treats people. My husband and I fully support Dave Roberson for Sheriff and we hope you will do the same.

Jo & William Hibberts
Rome, Ga.​

I have known Dave for over 20 years and worked with him several years at the Floyd County Sheriff's Office. During that time, Dave has always held himself and his team to the highest standards. Dave’s work ethic is beyond reproach. His fairness to those he serves is commendable. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office and our community will be well served by electing Dave Roberson as the next Sheriff of Floyd County. - Jo Hibberts, Former Staff Sergeant, Floyd County Sheriff’s Office

"As a retired Captain with the Rome Police Department. I have had the honor of serving with many officers across the state. Dave has been one of those officers that has always stood out, in part, because of his leadership skills. His dedication and honesty have set a high standard in the law enforcement community. I am familiar with the other candidates, but believe Dave has what it takes to lead the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office for many years to come. Electing Dave Roberson as our next Sheriff will ensure that our community is served with integrity. - William Hibberts, Retired Captain, Rome Police Department

Brad Roberson
Lindale, Ga.

How to put into words my endorsement of my brother, Dave Roberson, to be the next Sheriff of Floyd County? As I sit here and begin writing, I have so many emotions and directions I could go to explain to the citizens of Rome and Floyd County, as well as the public safety community, that Dave should be our next Sheriff. 

Throughout his life, Dave has always been honest, loyal, and as caring of a person as you could ever meet. How fortunate was I to have such a great mentor and role model in my life growing up? My brother and I learned from the best two parents how to treat others and how to apply a strong work ethic. Dave is such a perfect blend of our father, Lonzo Roberson, a 41-year law enforcement officer with the knack for leading and motivating others, and our mother, Be Roberson, who is the most kind and caring person ever put on this earth. 

Being in public safety myself, I have always admired the leaders that demonstrate professionalism and the willingness to support others. Dave models this through his leadership style and caring demeanor both on and off duty. He began his career with the Floyd County Sheriff's Office when he was 21 years old. His 25 years of experience have allowed him to work and manage in each of the agency’s divisions. Who better to lead and better prepared than the only candidate who has worked his way up through the ranks, learning all the in and outs of the Floyd County Sheriff's Office firsthand? 

Please know that there is more to my endorsement of Dave Roberson than the fact that he is my brother. I and others truly respect him, and I have seen him in action. Talk to our public safety community. You are likely to hear them talk about the same qualities I mentioned above. Without a doubt, Dave demonstrates the ability to lead others with knowledge and confidence. His compassion for others motivates them. To Dave, being the next Sheriff of Floyd County is about more than the position itself. It's about Constitutional rights, community needs, agency needs, employee needs, and effective partnerships. 

Dave Roberson continues to demonstrate his willingness to work hard for our community. His servant's heart will bring the most to Floyd County and our Sheriff's Office if given the opportunity. Brother, I am so proud of what you mean to this community. Each day, you never stop amazing me with your dedication to this community and the career you love. I have never seen anyone more prepared. Your campaign platform is second to none and I will be voting Dave Roberson for Floyd County Sheriff.

Tom & Pam Bojo
Cave Spring, Ga.​

I have been involved in local law enforcement for over 35 years. During this time, I have seen many officers and deputies come and go. I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest, bravest, and most loyal men and women anywhere in America.

I have known Dave Roberson since he was a child. His father and I worked together at Rome Police Department for many years. Dave and his brother were well known among the officers as great kids and always well behaved.

As Dave entered law enforcement, I really got to know the real Dave. He is a hard worker and constantly fighting for what is right. I leaned on him several times working cases and looking for suspects while conducting investigations. Dave always came through. He would work over, come in early or even on off days to assist any law enforcement officer that requested his help. He has always been true and honest and did exactly what was needed and what he said he would do and with positive results.

Pam and I truly support Dave in his run for Sheriff of Floyd County. There is little doubt in our mind he is the best candidate and will do the best job. Floyd County needs Dave Roberson as Sheriff.

Thanks, Dave, and we wish you the very best of luck.

Chris Jackson
Rome, Ga.​

I’m so glad I got to know Dave Roberson when we were both contestants in the 2017 Sexual Assault Center of NWGA Rome Celebrity Dance Challenge. There’s nothing like going outside your comfort zone to bring people together. Since that summer, I don’t think there’s been an event I’ve been in charge of or participated in that Dave hasn’t supported. I think it is safe to say that if Dave isn’t at your event, it didn’t really happen! 


Dave Roberson has become a friend, but I’m supporting him for Floyd County Sheriff because I believe he is the right man to lead the office into the future. I know and respect all three candidates for Sheriff, and Floyd County is fortunate to have three qualified options for this Office. However, in my work as an attorney, I have an opportunity to work with the Sheriff’s Office on a regular basis, and when I have a problem or need to brainstorm how to make a sometimes rigid criminal justice system “work” in the real world, Dave is my first call. There has never been a time that I called that Dave didn’t respond quickly to help me work through the issue.  


Vote Dave Roberson for Sheriff of Floyd County!

Gregory Cain & Rita Smith-Cain
Rome, Ga.​

It is with great pleasure that we recommend and endorse the services and knowledge of Mr. Dave Roberson for Floyd County Sheriff. 

My name is Gregory L. Cain, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and I am currently employed as an Emergency Services Consultant with a company in Alabama. I have resided in Rome for the past 22 years. 

My wife, Rita Smith, is a 37-year veteran of the Rome Fire Department, who retired several years ago as a Captain serving in the Public Education Division. My wife was born in Rome and lived here continuously for her entire life. We have been blessed with a son and daughter-in-law, both in public service jobs, and with two beautiful grandchildren. Needless to say, we know this community and the people that reside in it and have seen it grow over the years.

As a community grows, so must its public services such as the Sheriff's Office. We have known Mr. Roberson and his family for several years, serving on different committees and community events. We have worked with Dave Roberson personally on several community events as well. Dave’s family is steeped in public service which is a testament to his character and his concern for the citizens of Floyd County.

From time to time, we have needed Dave to assist us with problems in our neighborhood, and he has always been available and done everything within his power to assist us.

We believe Dave to be a person who has a genuine concern for the citizens of Floyd County. I believe he will be a positive influence of change in the Sheriff's Office. And from our conversations with him, we believe that he will only enhance the services of our Sheriff’s Office.   In speaking to many of the employees at the FCSO, they, too, feel Dave Roberson will be best suited for the Sheriff’s position.

As citizen’s of Floyd County, we know all the candidates, and Mr. Roberson is the only candidate who has personally contacted us and asked for our support, which means a great deal to the both of us.

Richard Argo
Major, Floyd County Sheriff's Office
Rome, Ga.​

I want to share my thoughts on the upcoming election for Floyd County Sheriff. I have considerable experience working with all three candidates and in my opinion, Dave Roberson is without a doubt the best man for the job.

Dave and I have worked together for over 25 years, all at the Floyd County Sheriff's Office. I can emphatically say that Dave is as outstanding an individual as I have ever known and his character is beyond reproach. He has always been genuinely committed to our community. He leads by example and has exhibited remarkable leadership in every division at the FCSO. He has tremendous support from the men and women of public safety that he has earned by his leadership and by treating others with respect since day one of his career.

I believe the combination of Dave’s experience, dedication, character and leadership are what make him the best candidate for the job. He will make Floyd County a phenomenal Sheriff! I hope you will join me on June 9 in electing Dave Roberson the next Sheriff of Floyd County!


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