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As the pressures and demands on law enforcement evolve, we must continually strive to do more to support our communities and reach out to the citizens of Floyd County. Should I have the honor of being reelected, I will continue to focus on four critical areas that will make Floyd County a safer community for all, while ensuring that taxpayer dollars are stewarded most effectively so that we can make needed progress. I refer to these as the 4 Rs: Relationships, Recidivism, Recruitment & Retention of Employees, and Revenue. 
THE 4 Rs

I believe that collaboration, teamwork and strategic partnerships are the keys to making Floyd County a better, safer community for all the families that live here. I have spent my first term in office encouraging more collaboration between the Sheriff’s Office and our commissioners, District Attorney’s Office, courts, other law enforcement agencies, schools, churches, and community organizations that are resulting in productive relationships, forward-thinking initiatives, less overlap of services, and positive outcomes for everyone in Floyd County. This is the approach we must continue to take in order to tackle mental health, the opioid crisis, school safety, and other critical issues we are facing as a community.

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I will invest in initiatives like our Floyd Re-Entry Education and Discharge (F.R.E.E.D.) program, established under my leadership, that are aimed at decreasing Floyd County’s recidivism rate (the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend), while also working with at-risk youth to break the cycle. This will not only result in a reduction in crime; less reoffenders means cost savings for the taxpayers. 

  1. Re-entry programs centered around mentoring relationships will equip non-violent offenders who are going to be released with life skills and positive role models so that they have a better chance of being successful, contributing members of our community. This involves improving current programs and developing new programs and  partnerships with churches, businesses, and community organizations.

  2. Prevention education programs will positively impact at-risk youth throughout the city and county, proactively tackling issues like drugs, violence, and gangs. This will involve expanding on current programs and developing new partnerships with schools and youth-focused community organizations.

Recruitment & Retention

I will treat people with respect, as I always have, and put into place measures that allow the Sheriff’s Office to attract and retain high-quality, professional, and service-oriented staff members. I will refocus recruiting efforts so people see that this can be more than just a job, but a meaningful career that makes a big impact in our community. I will always strive to be a motivating leader who empowers people to do great work and seek advancement. And I will make a concerted effort to broaden diversity within the Sheriff’s Office so we are more representative of our community. I am proud to share that the Floyd County Sheriff's Office is currently fully staffed for the first time in several decades.


While the primary focus of the Sheriff’s Office should not be generating revenue, I am committed to being a good steward of taxpayer dollars and seeking opportunities to offset costs and recoup dollars instead of burdening taxpayers with budget increases. The only way we will be able to fund new initiatives and community programs, additional positions, and more attractive compensation packages is through fiscal responsibility. 

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